As an international tax advisor, we inform you that the European Commission will publish, in the coming months, a communication on the planned reform

As an international tax advisor, we inform you that the European Commission has published a roadmap on the planned communication that will recommend the EU reform on the regulation of professional services.

This reform will affect lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, patent agents, tourist guides, notaries and real estate agents.

The Commission aims to “assist Member States in creating a regulatory environment that is conducive to growth, innovation and job creation”.

According to the Commission, the economic potential that remains undone due to excessively restrictive regulation for professional services, has been estimated at 85 billion Euros over 2010-2018, and “a well-functioning professional-services sector can be a significant source of economic growth and welfare, and the smooth functioning of this sector will be important for achieving a robust economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis”.

The new Communication will accordingly update the 2017 recommendations to reflect developments in Member States’ regulatory framework, and encourage reform if it´s necessary, considering developments in digitalisation and innovation within individual sectors. No formal public consultation is planned, but competent authorities of the Member States will be consulted. The Communication will be published in the coming months.

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