As international tax advisors, we inform you about the new statements of the European authorities on gender in tax policy

As international tax advisors, we inform you that the OECD is reviewing gender-related aspects of tax policy.

According to the OECD, “while tax policy measures play a crucial role in supporting individuals and businesses as we navigate this crisis, the gender impact of taxation is often overlooked – with serious consequences for gender equality. To ensure that the tax system does not inadvertently reinforce gender biases in society, governments need to include the impact of taxes on gender, as a key policy dimension in their tax policy responses to COVID-19.”. Recent OECD webinar explored these progressive developments in the fiscal policy debate.

CFE and the Global Tax Advisers Platform (GTAP) strongly advocate for policy makers to integrate the gender element into tax policy, in particular because of the potential growth of tax debt.

In a statement of May 2019, they endorsed the UN led projects that have recently promoted awareness of gender mainstreaming in the field of public finance, through its taxation and budgeting initiatives with gender perspective.

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