Specialists in the Energy Sector

We have specialists in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, project finance, regulatory, which are integrated to form a cohesive group capable of responding to the complexity of these projects.

Our experience covers all energy sectors, both electricity, conventional and renewable energy, gas and hydrocarbons, and new forms of energy services.

We are able to respond to the complexity of all types of projects and investments, allowing, in turn, the development of specific ways to adapt to the problems of each case.

  • Global or specific advice for the construction, acquisition, sale, operation and management of installations for the generation and distribution of electrical energy, gas and hydrocarbons.
  • Joint venture operations in the energy sector at national and international level.
  • Stock market operations for buying and selling energy companies.
  • Purchase and sale operations of energy companies, and all their variants, mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, and regulatory and competition issues.

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