Compliance Penal

We have extensive experience in the development and adaptation of models of organization and criminal risk management. Our team offers advice to companies for the implementation of systems of regulatory compliance and prevention of criminal offences.

Various legal and regulatory changes have raised the need to address a deep and urgent restructuring of the companies’ compliance units. For this reason, a compliance body and function must be created within the organisation, parallel to but different from the internal audit function, with sufficient independence, autonomy and rank in the corporate structure.

B law & tax has extensive experience in the development and adaptation of models for the organization and management of criminal risks. Our multidisciplinary team offers legal advice to companies for the implementation of compliance and crime prevention systems.

We assist our clients in the process of designing, adapting or implementing the criminal risk management and organization model. In particular, we offer the following services:

  • Assistance in the creation of a regulatory compliance body or review and adaptation of the criminal risk management powers of the existing compliance body.
  • Analysis of society’s criminal risks.
  • Establishment and management of a complaints channel.
  • Preparation of the internal rules of the regulatory compliance body.
  • Formulation of the disciplinary codes for cases of non-compliance.
  • Employee training systems on compliance programs.

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