The registry books are adapted to RDL 3/2020 to include the specialty of the sale of goods on consignment and technical improvements are introduced

In the Official State Gazette of this November 24th, it has published the technical specifications to adapt the Value Added Tax registration books to the contents and designs of the Electronic Headquarters of the State Tax Administration Agency. These regulatory changes were introduced by Royal Decree-Law 3/2020, of February 4.

Adaptation of the content to changes introduced by Royal Decree-Law 3/2020

The registry Books are adapted to include the specialty of the sale of goods on consignment contained in Article 9 Bis of the VAT Law.

Various European Union directives in the field of public procurement in certain sectors are incorporated into the Spanish legal system. Directive 2006/112/EC is amended with respect to the harmonization and simplification of certain rules of the VAT system for the taxation of trade between Member States.

Technical improvements

Technical improvements are introduced in the specifications to help the correct fulfillment of the associated tax obligations:

  • A mark is added to the register book of Invoices Received to identify the payments made for the acquisition of capital goods and the necessary fields are introduced so that, if the taxpayer decides to deduct the VAT paid in a period subsequent to the registration period, he can indicate this.
  • It is established that those entities to which the Law on Horizontal Property (Law 49/1960) is applicable, and entities of a social nature, must report the acquisitions of goods or services in the same terms that the same entities must report in the annual information return on transactions with third parties, form 347, when they are not included in the SII.

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