The Government intends to “tune up” more about business profits

The Ministry of Finance will address in the coming months, an in-depth tax reform with which it intends to recuperate the deplorable economic situation caused by pandemic. In this sense, the health crisis affected the tax plans the government wished to portray in the 2021 budget, that has already come into effect since January 1st. Therefore, the sights are now set on the second half of this year, and the target set on the Public Accounts of 2022.

Thus, businessmen and self-employed workers, agree that the post-pandemic situation may mean that a tax increase will go against economic recovery and jobs. “We asked the government to postpone the increase for 2022, regarding the amounts due this year,” says the president of ATA; Lorenzo Amor, which is the  association representing the self-employed workers, in relation to the double increase in quotas applied by the government in recent months. It is worth remembering that the self-employed workers quota rose again in 2021 between 3 euros and 12 euros, after the minimum base rose to 289 euros in November, which meant 6 euros more than what was paid before.

However, the situation is still critical for the self-employed workers, who warn that “the worst is yet to come” in terms of job destruction, considering the aids for maintaining employment will reduce. The actual aids have already reached more than a million workers.

Thus, one in three self-employed have indicated that their losses in 2020 were over 30,000 euros, and two million self-employed workers estimated their losses at more than 15,000 euros, as shown by the latest barometer on the situation of the self-employed conducted by ATA. According to ATA, in total, Spanish self-employed workers have lost on average more than 20,000 euros in 2020 due to the pandemic, which translates into more than 65,000 million euros.

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